Ngc 185 in Cassiopeia

Astrophotography from Ursa Major Observatory @ ROSA

Object data
Object type:
Exposure data
Telscope & Camera:
Exposure time:
Exposure time total:
dwarf galaxy (sphaeroid)
10.7’ x 10.0’’
+10.1 mag (V)
2.1 Mio light years
2013-08-16 + 17 + 29 + 30
Gahberg observatory, Upper Austria
- Luminance: Lacerta 10” f/4 Newtonian + Sbig ST2000XM - RGB: 10” f/4 Newtoinian + Sbig ST2000XM + Baader RGB
ASA DDM 60pro
Luminance 19x10 min, RGB 9x8 min each
06h 40min
On the right side, one can find the galaxy UGC 378 (see the object ID). There is a blue-greenish object in the foreground  of Ugc 378, or maby it is an object inside that galaxy. If it is in Ugc 378, it might be a very bright supercluster, consisting of young blue stars. If the object is in the foreground, it might be an planetary nebula. I made a comparison of the RGB-channels and a OIII-filtered image, one can find it here. As one can see, the object is visible in RGB and, very faint, also in OIII.
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